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3d modeling

  • Here is a model from a car that is modeled 100% in 3ds Max. For this job we had no reference image or anything else as reference. No previous sketching on paper. Just 3ds max and modeling.

  • This is a sample from some serious special effects for a client who are selling warning lights.

  • Here we had an apartment that the client wants to have some pieces of furniture by Tom Dixon, and we have designed this beautiful place.

  • For this project we have created an Label for white wine for a winery from Macedonia. After the labeling we have modeled 3d bottle how the client can see how will overall design will look.

  • This is 3d models from the batteries that our client have on sale and after we have used this 2 renders in commercial that have played here in Macedonia.

  • 3d Video created for a client who is selling emergency lights, and this is one of videos who is presenting this products.

  • The idea, drawings and everything else was dencov.com idea. First of all we are think how it will look if this is real thing...so we need to add all the ankles, bolts, wires, so when this robot will be real to move without problem.

  • This is simple sample from our internet commercial that we have used for our customers in Macedonia.

  • We had in previous articles and kids daycare blueprint for the design but also and for the lightning. In this project we have everything visual.

  • In this sample we have received from the client print - size labels for the box, but also on that design was lots of lines that was helping the machine to know where to cut the paper.

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Design company from Macedonia, founded in January 2002 and for more than 15 years till now we are offering fresh designs, new ideas, and variety of services like: webdesign, graphic design, video editing, special effects, animations, 3d modeling and animation, logo design, typography, white board videos, logo intro, cartoons, explainer videos, photography, architecture....

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