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Welcome to dencov.com "Where Idea goes Visual"

Video Editing

We add Magic to Your videos, and create moments worth of remember .


2d Animation

Who said images are still. We make images live. Logo Intro, Typography, Cartoons, Animations.


3d Animation

Living 3d characters, moving 3d objects, real 3d scenes, adding 3d objects into the video.


3d Modeling

Modeling 3d models from industrial parts, 3d objects, humans, cars, medical parts, and everything ready for gaming or 3d printing.


The idea, drawings and everything else was dencov.com idea. First of all we are think how it will look if this is real thing...so we need to add all the ankles, bolts, wires, so when this robot will be real to move without problem.

To model this robot, first we have used pencil an paper and do some raw drawings to get an idea how we want him to look. After that we start our work in 3ds max by modeling part by part. For many of the parts we have used symmetry because they are same from both sides from the robot. For background we have used an HDRI image. After all we have rendered and photoshoped the images for more realism.

Software used: 3ds Max, Photoshop
Plugins used: Vray
Time to finish: 10 days


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This is your first step to make your idea live. Here in dencov.com new fresh designs are born every hour, every day, 24/7. Here your idea goes visual, here images start moving and your videos are shining with special charm. So don't hesitate to contact us and maybe we can work together and create some great Visual Arts.

Who We Are

Design company from Macedonia, founded in January 2002 and for more than 15 years till now we are offering fresh designs, new ideas, and variety of services like: webdesign, graphic design, video editing, special effects, animations, 3d modeling and animation, logo design, typography, white board videos, logo intro, cartoons, explainer videos, photography, architecture....

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